February News Roundup

Tons of new Nauticam announcements, Mike Ball adds special expeditions and sharks gain ground around the world.
By Travis Ball

February News Roundup

Highlights include new housings from Aquatica, Ikelite and Nauticam.

By Travis Ball










Nauticam NEX-6 announced, shipping soon

The first mirrorless housing Nauticam has announced for this year is for the Sony Alpha NEX-6 camera, which housings starting to ship out later this week. The camera's sensor size, images quality and resolution are all on par with DSLRs and when one in an aluminum Nauticam housing, you have an extremely powerful tool to use underwater. They also announced ports for the NEX 10-18mm and 16-50mm ports.  Read the press release.


Nauticam G15 announced

The impressive Canon G15 will soon have an equally impressive housing that will take the camera underwater.  Who wouldn't want to take down a compact camera that shoots RAW and uses high quality zoom lenses?  Read all about the housing.




Aquatica D4 HousingAquatica D4 announced

Aquatica has announced their new housing for the powerhouse that is the Nikon D4 camera.  Features include:


-Toggle access to Fn and Pv buttons
-Smooth operation of all video controls
-New lens gear system for improved video zooming
-New camera tray works with a simple push tab
-New left-hand quick lever for ISO access-Strobe connectors easily replaced in the field
-Unparalleled durability and corrosion protection


Zen 6-inch glass dome port for Nauticam NEX housings announced

New for the Nauticam NEX series housings, this is a 6-inch glass dome for the 16mm pancake or fisheye conversion lens.  These will provide excellent optical quality and a scratch resistant surface to your kit.





Ikelite D5200 HousingIkelite Announces Housing for Nikon D5200

Available in early March for about $1,500, Ikelite might be the only company to make housings for the D5200.  Rubberized handles, propriety circuitry and their signature clear housing will all be attractive aspects of this housing D5200 owners.  Read more.




Lithium BatteryNew Lithium Batteries from Ikelite

Ikelite strobes got a boost last month with an decrease of nearly 20 percent in weight while nearly doubling the number of flashes you get per charge.  These backwards compatable battries also work with the newly released smart charger.  Read more.





Minke WhaleSpecial New Expeditions Announced by Mike Ball Dive Expeditions

Specializing in the Great Barrier Reef and the Coral Sea, Mike ball just added some special new trips to their roster.  Newly announced expeditions include:


  • Shark Shooter Expedition with Damien Siviero, May 9th - 16th
  • Week Long Minke Whale Expedition, July 11th - 18th
  • Far North Wreck Special Expedition, October 3rd - 10th
  • Torres Strait to Cairns Expedition, October 10th - 17th
  • Deep Reefs Exploratory Expedition, November 21st - 28th 

Detailed information can be found on the Mike Ball Website.

Walindi ResortWalindi Resort Becomes Technical Diver Training Center

Walindi Plantation Dive Resort has partnered wiht Alp-Maritimes Marine Institute and been granted the status of NAUI Worldwide Technical Diver Training Center. Congratulations!



SharkSharks Gain Ground

It was a good month for Shark species with multiple news items proving that the world is starting to protect these misunderstood animals.  The first Great White case and conviction took place in South Africa, which was also the first country to impose legislation protecting great whites. In the area of protection, California moved to add sharks to the endangered species list and the protections incorporated at the Raja Ampat shark sanctuary became law in Indonesia.


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