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Mike Bartick

Mike Bartick is a chef and an avid underwater photographer who writes for California Diving News. Mike's website is at www.saltwaterphoto.com


Edvin Eng

Edvin in an award-winning divemaster and Instructor in Malaysia who travels all over Southeast Asia sharing his love of the ocean through his underwater photography. See Ed's photos here.


Randy Harwood

Randy Harwood has been SCUBA diving since 1975 and has been photographing the marine environment for over 20 years. Active in the Los Angeles Underwater Photographic Society for over 20 years, he has served as the Society President for almost 8 years. Visit Randy's website at www.randyharwoodphotography.com


Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee is an underwater photographer who loves nudibranchs and underwater macro life. He won a 1st place Macro in the LAUPS international competition. See his work at www.diverkevin.com




Jim Lyle

Jim Lyle is a retired chemistry professor who tries to get out diving every week with his camera. Jim was the LAUPS photographer of the year for 2007 and 2008. Visit Jim's web site here.




Cal Mero

Cal Mero is a young marine biologist and underwater photographer in southern Australia, always striving to raise conservation awareness through his photography. Cal has recently won several 1st place awards in prestigious underwater photo contests. Visit Cal's site at www.calmerophotography.com




Todd Winner

Todd Winner is an underwater photographer with a love for wide-angle photography. Todd has published a book "Shipwrecks of Truk", and has won 1st place in several international competitions. See his work at www.toddwinner.com



Underwater Photo & Tip Contributors


Bill Van Antwerp   http://www.blueviews.net


Bonnie Pelnar   http://www.underwatercolours.com


Kelly Bracken  kellybracken.smugmug.com


Amanda Cotton   http://acottonphoto.com


Jeff de Guzman  www.nudipixel.net/photographer/jeffrey_de_guzman



Michel Lonfat   http://www.michel-lonfat.ch


Rand McMeins   www.greenwaterimages.com

Kalani Patterson  http://h2ogeek.com/


Larry Polster     http://critter-hunter.smugmug.com


Andy Sallmon   www.seait.com


Uwe Schmolke Uwe's page


Diana Vicei     Diana's page


Michael Wicks   www.wicksbrothersphotography.com


Keri Wilk   http://reefnet.ca/


Carol Yin  www.underwaterjourneys.com



Will you be doing any

Will you be doing any editorial for the hundreds of compact camera users down there. Most of us excepted dive and take the camera rather than dive purely for a photo shoot but with the quality of compacts ever rising there is a huge following. I apologise if this question is covered in the editorial I have just found the site and have not had time to digest it.
Best of luck


hi John - you'll find many

hi John - you'll find many articles for compact camera users in the guide, just let me know if you have trouble finding anything in particular.



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