Amphibico Offering to include RED Cameras

Amphibico's future includes new cameras from RED, the digital cinema camera company that revolutionized the world in digital cinema.
By Eric Aubort

Amphibico Offering To Include RED

RED recently announced the Scarlet-X

By: Eric Aubort



Amphibico has a long tradition of excellence when it comes to developing the most ergonomic housings on the market, a lineage that includes the flagship HD Amphibicam housing for the Sony F900 and the Phenom housing for the Sony FX1 & Z1, both using state of the art electronic control grip systems that set Amphibico apart from its competitors. The 2011 DEMA show was a unique occasion to showcase the new Genesis Housing under the Amphibico label, the next generation of housings and a window on the future. 




What's Next:

  • That future includes new cameras from RED, the Digital Cinema Camera Company that  revolutionized the world in digital cinema, when it introduced the highly successful RED One 4K camera. RED recently announced the Scarlet-X, smaller brother to the EPIC,  cameras that have the innate ability to capture 5K RAW still and 4K motion resolution. With a price tag below the $12,000 mark, SCARLET, no doubt, will be extremely popular while the EPIC will become the flagship system for working professionals in the feature film and documentary filmmaking industries. 



  • Since Amphibico has received many requests to develop the ultimate housing for this next generation of digital cinema cameras, our engineering team is committing all of its resources, including seeking the expert advice of key professional underwater cinematographers in the industry, to execute and accomplish this project. 



Moving Forward:

  • The combined company is now a global leader in the design, development and service of equipment for the professional and recreational videographer, filmmaker and still photographer, leading the way into the future with our new products.


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