Ocean Art 2022 - Honorable Mention Underwater Art

Honorable Mention Underwater Art

 Jenny Stock

"Psychedelic Pisces"


The Story: The most beautiful and stunningly ornate fish in the ocean. These eye-catching creatures emerge from staghorn coral at sunset and the females begin a unique mating ritual of flamboyant dance. It was during one such magical event that I captured this aerial image. I felt the dramatic view deserved further artistic mirroring in a Piscean creation. 

Mandarinfish are, unusually, scaleless. As an alternative shield, these dragonets coat themselves in a layer of toxic mucus. Look, be in awe, but don’t touch! One piercing from their spine could inject the toxic mucus into your skin. 

Location: Lembeh Strait, Indonesia

Equipment Used: Canon 5D Mark IV Camera, Canon 100mm F2.8L Macro Lens, Nauticam Housing 

Camera Settings: ISO 400, F18, 1/200 sec


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