Ocean Art 2022 - 4th Place Compact Macro

4th Place Compact Macro

Ipah Uid Lynn

"Rose Among the Thorns"



Ipah Uid Lynn won a Bluewater Photo or Bluewater Travel Gift Certificate!



The Story: This, by far, has always been a favorite picture of mine. What amazes me was the wonderful type of sea urchins in Romblon. Most of the sea urchins in Romblon has some sort of symbiotic relationship. The shrimp was one of them. Usually, you will see common shrimp on a sea urchin that has the same color so it can camouflage itself. But this particular shrimp stood out. Bright orange and right in the middle of the thorns. It gave an interesting story on how it stood its ground and remain in the middle alone.

Location: Logbon Broken House, Romblon, Philippines

Equipment Used: Canon G15 Camera, Dual Inon Z240 Strobes, Sola 500 Light, Inon UJCL-67 M67 Closeup Lens

Camera Settings: ISO 80, F4.3, 1/235 sec


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