Ocean Art 2022 - 1st Place Black & White

1st Place Black & White

Martin Broen

"Long Shadows"


Martin Broen won a dive cruise with the winner's location of choice and 50% off for their companion aboard the M.Y. Oceanic!


The Story: Getting further away from the exit to surface and safety, through the labyrinth of pitch-black tunnels, you get to see places with incredible pristine decorations.

These tunnels got bigger when the caves were flooded and were decorated by the slow dripping of the calcite when the caves are dry. This happened over multiple cycles each lasting 100,000 years!  And in this case the tunnel formed in a bedding plane with thousands of tiny stalactites in the ceiling contrasting the few tall stalagmite in the floor that creates a labyrinth in itself and project those beautiful long shadows.

The shot is taken with a single source 15.000 lumen video light to create the effect of the shadows converging towards the diver position 

Location: Cenote Dos Pisos, Riviera Maya, Yucatan, Mexico

Equipment Used: Sony A7R III, Canon 8-15mm Lens, Nauticam Housing, BigBlue Lights

Camera Settings: ISO 5000, F4.5, 1/15 sec


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