Ocean Art 2022 - Honorabale Mention Compact Macro

Honorable Mention Compact Macro

Man Bd

"Christmas Tree"


The Story: I think by far this is the smallest hairy shrimp I have ever seen. It was not an easy subject to shoot because it was so tiny, approximately 2mm in size. I had to use a Noodilab +26 Lens in order to get this shot. I was lucky because it was on the edge of an algae and it stayed there through the rough current going sideways, back and forth. The torch I used was a bit war so the original photo was a bit yellowish. The true color of the shrimp was actually reddish purple. Luckily, I had lightroom to fix the problem.

Location: Jahir Dive Site, Lembeh, Indonesia

Equipment Used: Olympus TG-4 Camera, Seafrog Housing, Big Blue Torch, Noodilab Lens

Camera Settings: ISO 640, F6.3, 1/200


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