Ocean Art 2022 - 3rd Place Underwater Art

3rd Place Underwater Art

Lilian Koh



Lilian Koh won a $500 Gift Certificate towards Marelux products!

The Story: Whenever I see a ghost pipefish, I can’t help letting my imagination runs wild. With the help of a Fractal software I am able to transform it into a close resemblance of a dandelion, which shows it’s fragility and resilience. Ghost pipefishes are masters in the art of camouflage, they can easily blend in with the natural background (normally crinoids or gorgonians). Managed to capture this image by using snooting technique enables me to separate the subject from its environment.

Location: Lembeh Straits, Manado, Indonesia

Equipment Used: Canon 5D Mark IV, Nauticam Housing, Dual Minigear MS-03 Snoot Torch

Camera Settings: ISO 125, F13, 1/160 sec


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