Ocean Art 2022 - Honorable Mention Underwater Conservation

Honorable Mention Underwater Conservation

 Alessandro Giannaccini

"The Brutal Death of the Crow"


The Story: I photographed this crow strangled by an abandoned fishing net. It was a very gray day. The water was very cold, dirty, there was a lot of current and debris in the river. I was looking for trout fish, when at one point I saw a black spot that flew away with the current. I followed it for several meters, in the current. When I got close I saw something tragic, brutal. A dead crow strangled by a net. 

Location: Tuscany Serra River, Italy

Equipment Used: Nikon D850 Camera, Nikkor 8-15mm Lens, Isotta Housing, Subtronic Alpha Pro Flash

Camera Settings: ISO 320, F6.3, 1/100 sec


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