Ocean Art 2022 - Honorable Mention Place Cold Water

Honorable Mention Cold Water

Shouhao Ren

"Look Up"


The Story: Scuba diving in California can be so colorful. At Farnsworth banks, my eyes were caught by tremendous amount of stuff while looking up. I caught a moment by freezing the notable California Sheephead in the middle of this pciture where the background was full of Purple Hydrocoral, which is famous at Farnworth. In the back of the picture, I saw schools of fishes when I raised my head. There are always a huge amount of fishes at Farnsworth Banks, creating an unbelievable illusion that I felt I was diving in Sipadan! In the front of the picture, the big red coral doesn’t want to lose my attention. I admit that you light up the whole picture! As such, I am glad I can dive in California even if diving in cold water.

Location: Farnsworth Banks, Catalina Island, USA

Equipment Used: Sony RX100 VI, Nauticam RX100 VI, Sea & Sea YS D3, Fantasea AOI UWL- 09 Lens

Camera Settings: ISO 125, F7.1, 1/100 sec


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