Ocean Art 2022 - Honorable Mention Underwater Conservation

Honorable Mention Underwater Conservation

 Daniel Pio

"Reef Again"


The Story: It’s no secret that the coral reefs of the world are in trouble. I have been to Roatan 3 times in the last 4 years. In just that small amount of time, I have already noticed a large decline in the local eco system.  We unexpectedly passed these coral trees maintained by the Roatan Marine Park Coral Restoration Project and got a glimpse of their team’s inspiring efforts. 

Location: Roatan Marine Park, Honduras, Roatan

Equipment Used: Sony A7R IV Camera, Sony 16-35mm Lens, Nauticam Housing, Dual Sea and Sea YS-D2 Strobes 

Camera Settings: ISO 400, F14, 1/100 sec


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