Ocean Art 2022 - 2nd Place Nudibranchs

2nd Place Nudibranch

 Veronika Nagy

"The Climb"


Veronika Nagy won a one week liveaboard trip to Cuba with Avalon Outdoor!


The Story: This scene combines so many things I love - a kelp forest, turquoise waters, and a hooded nudibranch. Hooded nudibranchs are very unique with an oral hood that looks like a venus-flytrap and paddle-shaped cerata beautifully displayed by this individual. I was drawn in by its contrast against the dark forest background and the way it appeared to be on a journey to the surface. 

Location: God’s Pocket, British Columbia, Canada

Equipment Used: Sony A7R IV, Canon 8-15mm Fisheye Lens, Nauticam Housing, Dual Sea & Sea YS-D2 Strobes, Big Blue Video Light/ Focus Light

Camera Settings: ISO 320, F13, 1/125 sec


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