Ocean Art 2022 - 1st Place Compact Wide Angle

1st Place Compact Wide Angle

Enrico Somogyi



Enrico Somogyi won a 3 night dive package with Spice Island Divers in Ambon, Indonesia


The Story: Once a year at the end of March, it is mating time for the toads. It lasts only few days and only at this time is it possible to get very close to them. Normally they are very shy. I was trying to get a split shot with this toad, when he started to crawl on my small dome port. I got some pics from this action and this one was my favorite pic.  

Location: Leipzig, Germany

Equipment Used: Sony RX100 Mark VII, Fantasea Housing, Sony Fisheye Converter, 4inch Dome, Dual Backscatter Miniflash MF1

Camera Settings: ISO 160, F8, 1/2000 sec


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