Ocean Art 2021 Winning Images: Full Size

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1st Place - Salvatore Ianniello
Shot in Napales, Italy

"Future Generations"
2nd Place - Virginia Salzedo
Shot in Puglia, Italy

"The Bouquet"
3rd Place - Cedric Peneau
Shot in Reunion Island, France


1st Place - Steven Kovacs
Shot in Palm Beach, Florida, USA

"Flared Beauty"
2nd Place - Steven Kovacs 
Shot in Palm Beach, Florida, USA

"Spotfin Flounder"
3rd Place - Rajiv Bhambri
Shot in Palm Beach, Florida, USA

"Deep Water Anglerfish"
Honorable Mention - Fabien Michenet 

"Pretty as a Peacock"
Honorable Mention - Steven Kovacs Ferretti
Shot in Kona, Hawaii, USA

Underwater Conservation

"Coral Tree"
1st Place - Catherine Holmes
Shot in Barbados

"Smoke Break"
2nd Place - Steven Kovacs
 Shot in Blue Heron Bridge, Florida, USA

"Bryde's Whale with Ghost Net"
3rd Place - Michael Vogelsang
Shot in Azores, Portugal

"The Rope"
Honorable Mention - Catherine Holmes
Shot in Little Good Harbour, North West Barbados

Underwater Art

"Whips of Beauty"
1st Place - Jenny Stock
Shot in Jardines de la Reina, Cuba

"India Wedding Girl"
2nd Place - Julian Nedev
Shot in Varna sity, Bulgaria

"Jessica Dream"
3rd Place - Julian Nedev
Shot in Faenza, Italy
"No Violence"
Honorable Mention - Virginia Salzedo



Black & White

"Ancient Caves"
1st Place - Tom St George
Shot in Cenote Zacil Ha, Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico

"Flying in the Sand"
2nd Place - Kyle Lucy
Shot in Roatan, Honduras

"The Restlessness of a Condemned Soul"
3rd Place - Plamena Mileva
Shot in Satil Wreck, Eilat, Israel

Honorable Mention - Serge Melesan
 Shot in Mayotte, Tahiti Beach, France



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