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Best of Show

Best of Show - Luc Rooman


Wide-Angle Category

1st Place - Eduardo Acevedo


"Shark Cave"
2nd Place - Nicolas Remy
Shot in New South Wales, Australia


"Against All Odds"
3rd Place - Hannah Le Leu
Shot in Queensland, Australia


"The Gang"
4th Place - Gabriel Guzman
Shot in Great Barrier Reef, Australia


"Pinkies Rush Hour"
Honorable Mention - Magnus Lundgren
Shot in Alaska, USA



"Blenny Grabs A Quick Meal"
1st Place - Nigel Motyer
Shot in Raja Ampat, Indonesia

"Baby Anglerfish"
2nd Place - Sarah Vasend
Shot in Komodo, Indonesia

"Earthquake Fish"
3rd Place - Magnus Lundgren

"Magic Octopus"
4th Place - Steven Walsh
Shot in Port Philip Bay, Australia

Honorable Mention - Matteo Visconti
 Shot in Anilao, Batangas, Philippines



Marine Life Behavior

1st Place - Luc Rooman

"Guarding Eggs"
2nd Place - Julian Hsu
 Shot in Anilao, Batangas,Philippines

3rd Place - Louise Nott
Shot in New South Wales, Australia

"Pike Dinner"
Honorable Mention - Lionel Houde
Shot in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan



1st Place - Paolo Bausani
Shot in Argentarola Rock, Italy

"Wide View"
2nd Place - Andrey Savin
Shot in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

"Zeus Faber"
3rd Place - Marco Gargiulo
Shot in Sorrento, Italy

"Angler Red"
4th Place  - Salvatore Gambacurta
Shot in Sydney, Australia

"Long-Snooted Seahorse"
Honorable Mention  - Michal Štros
Shot in Biograd na Moru, Croatia
"I'm the Boss Here"
Honorable Mention  - Damir Zurub
Shot in Isla Espiritu Santo, Mexico



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