Ocean Art 2021 Winning Images


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Compact Wide Angle

1st Place - Kate Rister

"In The River After The Floods"
2nd Place - Jack Berthomier

"Catfish and Flowers"
3rd Place - Enrico Somogyi
Shot in Leipzig, Germany

"Colorful Reed"
Honorable Mention - Enrico Somogyi

Compact Macro

"Party Time"
1st Place - Kathrin Landgraf-Kluge
Shot in Makadi Bay, Egypt

2nd Place - Salvatore Gambacurta 
 Shot in Bare island- La Perousse, Sydney, Australia

"Coral Tip Forest"
3rd Place - Nicole Helgason
 Shot in Marau Sound, Solomons Islands

"Strike a Pose"
Honorable Mention - Eurico Roseiro
 Shot in Marau Sound, Solomons Islands

Compact Behavior

"Mating Seahorses"
1st Place - PT Hirschfield
 Shot in Rye Pier, Victoria, Australia

"Rizzuto La Luce Della Nascita"
2nd Place - Ilaria Mariaguilia
Shot in Rijeka, Croatia
"Male Southern Keeled Octopuses"
3rd Place - PT Hirschfield
Shot in Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia

Honorable Mention - Abimael Márquez

Honorable Mention - Nino Perović


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