3rd Place Macro Ocean Art 2019 Dave Johnson

3rd Place Macro

Dave Johnson

"The Hypnotist"


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The Story: Unexpectedly we came across this Banded Sea Snake taking a nap on the sea bed at around 20 metres deep.  With the maxim in mind that "hesitation kills the shot" I headed way out in front of it so that it could see me approaching and not be spooked.  I slowly got nearer and nearer and ended up around 1 metre in front of it, flat on the sandy bottom, took around 6 shots (heart beating rapidly) and then left it where it was (seemed like a wise thing to do).  Post processing was just a crop to turn it into portrait presentation and some clarity adjustments in Lightroom.  I’ve never seen this behaviour before or since but people tell me where there’s one of these guys resting on the bottom that there are often others buried under the sand nearby!

Location:  Aer Prang - Lembeh Strait, Sulawesi, Indonesia

Equipment Used:  Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 100mm IS Macro Lens

Camera Settings: 1/160 sec, F14, ISO 200


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