Ocean Art 2022 Winning Images (Large Images)

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Best of Show

 "Octopus Mother"
Best of Show - Kat Zhou
Shot near Florida, USA

Wide-Angle Category

 "Shark Trio"
1st Place - Renee Capozzola
Shot in South Fakarava, French Polynesia
"The Hunt"
2nd Place - Daniel Nicholson
Shot in Ningaloo Reef, Australia with a mirrorless lens


"The Blue Abyss"
3rd Place - Martin Broen
Shot in Yucatan Mexico


"The White Whale"
4th Place - Julian Gunther
Shot in Peninsula Valdes, Argentina


"Say Cheese!"
Honorable Mention - Josh Blank


"Mobula Munkiana"
Honorable Mention - Adam Martin
Shot in Sea of Cortez, Mexico




 "Octopus Mother"
1st Place - Kat Zhou
Shot in Florida, USA


"The Lady in Red"
2nd Place - Matthew Sullivan
Shot in Florida, USA


"Southern Bobtail Squid"
3rd Place - Nicholas Remy
Shot in Tasmania, Australia


"Something in My Mouth"
4th Place - Novrizal Herdananto
Shot in Lembeh Strait, Indonesia


"The Eye"
Honorable Mention - Kat Zhou
Shot in Bimini, Bahamas




Marine Life Behavior

1st Place - Galice Hoarau
Shot in Saltstraumen, Norway


"Chew With Your Mouth Closed!"
2nd Place - Bryant Turffs
Shot in Florida, USA


"Coral Spawning"
3rd Place - Tom Shlesinger
Shot in Gulf of Aqaba and Eilat, Israel


"Frog Mates"
4th Place - Kirko Zanni
Shot in South Switzerland


Honorable Mention - Luc Rooman
Shot in Lake Grevelingen Scharendijke, Holland


"Winner Takes the Worm Hole"
Honorable Mention - Mark Green
Shot in Florida, USA





 "Mirror Reflection"
1st Place - Kuo-Wei Kao
Shot in Pinglin, Taiwan


"Shark Portrait"
2nd Place - Gabriella Luongo
Shot in Azores, Portugal


"Eye to Eye"
3rd Place - Kim Briers
Shot in Dauin, Philippines


"To Be or Not to Be"
4th Place - Andrew Cummings
Shot in Curacao


Honorable Mention - Frank Begun
Shot in Raja Ampat, Indonesia


"En Garde"
Honorable Mention - Jeff Molder
Shot in Hawaii, USA


"Parasite Waiting for the Next Victim"
Honorable Mention - Lorenzo Terraneo
Shot in Capo Noli, Italy





"The Rare Spotted Hand-Fish from Tasmania"
1st Place - Nicolas Remy 
Shot in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia


2nd Place - Yannick Gouguenheim
Shot in South East of France


"Dancing Rockfish Silhouettes"
3rd Place - Jon Anderson
Shot in Monterey, California, USA


"Look Up"
Honorable Mention - Shouhao Ren
Shot in Catalina Island, USA


"The Next Generation"
Honorable Mention - Sage Ono
Shot in Monterey, California, USA



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