Ocean Art 2023 Winning Images (Large Images)

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Best of Show

"Aquatic Primate"
Best in Show - Suliman Alatiqi
Shot in Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

Wide-Angle Category

"Bunk Buddies"
1st Place - Suliman Alatiqi
Shot in Roca Partida, Mexico
"Spinner Stampede"
2nd Place - Ines Goovaerts
Shot in Sataya Reef, Marsa Alam, Egypt


"In Our Shadow"
3rd Place - Bryant Turffs
Shot in Florida, USA


"Face to Face"
4th Place - Giancarlo Mazarese
Shot in Raja Ampat, Indonesia


"Mahi-Mahi Bloom"
Honorable Mention - Fabien Michenet
Shot in South of Magdalena, Bay, Mexico


Honorable Mention - Ipah Uid  Lynn
Shot in Male, Maldives




1st Place - Alberto Casati
Shot in Puerto Galera, Mindoro, Philippines


"Pygmy Poser"
2nd Place - Byron Conroy
Shot in Lembeh Strait, Indonesia


"Clownfish and Its Baby"
3rd Place - Dennis Corpuz
Shot in Anilao, Batangas, Philippines


4th Place - Lilian Koh
Shot in Bali, Indonesia


"The Eye"
5th Place - Guillermo Viveros
Shot in Playa del Carmen, Mexico


"Backlit Blenny"
5th Place - Greg Sherman
Shot in Sea of Cortez, Mexico


"Eye See You"
Honorable Mention - Keith Mash
Shot in Sulawesi, Indonesia




Marine Life Behavior

 "The Birthday"
1st Place - Kenji Sato
Shot in Miura Peninsula, Japan


"Mother's Day"
2nd Place - Josh Raia
Shot in Crystal River, Florida, USA


"Rough Love"
3rd Place - Kat Zhou
Shot in Bahamas


"Pearl Necklace"
4th Place - Johan Sundelin
Shot in Kristiansund, Norway


Honorable Mention - Brandi Romano
Shot in South Maui, Hawaii


"Giving Birth"
Honorable Mention - Todd Aki
Shot in East Coast of Central Sulawesi, Indonesia





 "Aquatic Primate"
1st Place - Suliman Alatiqi
Shot in Phi Phi Islands, Thailand


"Octopus Macropus, Polpessa"
2nd Place - Alessandro Raho
Shot in Ligurian Sea, Italy


"Fresh Start"
3rd Place - Jules Casey
Shot in Victoria, Australia


"Everything is A-OK"
4th Place - Gabriel Jensen
Shot in Florida, USA


Honorable Mention - Celia Kujala
Shot in Hornby Island, Canada


"Baby Shark"
Honorable Mention - Kat Zhou
Shot in Eleuthera, Bahamas





"Lunch Time"
1st Place - Alessandro Giannaccini 
Shot in Porta Lake, Tuscany, Italy


"Pup Playtime"
2nd Place - Celia Kujala
Shot in Coronado Islands, Mexico


"Dancing Rockfish Silhouettes"
3rd Place - Johan Sundelin
Shot in Vattern, Sweden


"Carp Love"
Honorable Mention - Ferenc Lorincz
Shot in Čierna Voda, Slovakia


"Beam me up!"
Honorable Mention - Josh Raia
Shot in Seattle, Washington, USA


Honorable Mention - Mayumi Takeuchi-Ebbins
Shot in Shetland, United Kingdom

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