Ocean Art 2023 - Honorable Mention Portrait

Honorable Mention Portrait

Kat Zhou

"Baby Shark"



Kat Zhou won a 10-day dive trip aboard the Mermaid I in Bali & Komodo


The Story: 

This photo shows a baby lemon shark cruising through red mangroves in the Bahamas. Lemon shark pups spend up to the first 4 years of their lives in shallow mangrove environments, where they are more protected from predators. I particularly loved the scene created by red mangrove roots in this area, and I was hoping a shark pup would swim over these roots. Luckily, one did, and I was able to snap this shot!


Eleuthera, Bahamas

Equipment Used: 

Camera Settings: 

  • Aperture: F13
  • Shutter Speed: 1/250 sec
  • ISO: 400



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