Ocean Art 2023 - 2nd Place Portrait

2nd Place Portrait

Alessandro Raho

"Octopus Macropus, Polpessa"



Alessandro Raho won a 7 day/6 night dive package for 2 at Meridian Adventure Dive Resort in Raja Ampat, Indonesia with Meridian Adventure Dive


The Story: 

This photo was taken in June 2023 at the dive site: "Sabbione delle Meraviglie" in front of Noli in the Ligurian Sea. I immediately identified this cephalopod by its characteristic spotted coat. I have met these animals other times, but they usually tend to run away, however the defense behavior of this subject was different, in fact the animal opened its tentacles to appear more threatening by rising from the seabed with 2 tentacles and widening the other 6


Noli, Ligurian Sea, Italy

Equipment Used: 

Camera Settings: 

  • Aperture: F22
  • Shutter Speed: 1/80 sec
  • ISO: 200



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