Ocean Art Safe Under the Sea Photo Competition


Ocean Art Safe Under the Sea Underwater Photo Competition


Over $10,000 in prizes! One Quarter of the Proceeds will be donated to the CDC Foundation and WHO Covid-19 Response Fund to Help Fight Coronavirus.


This is a different kind of photo competition.


Times are tough, and we would like to thank our diving community for doing their part in staying home and staying healthy. As underwater photographers, perhaps now is the most opportune moment to self-reflect, learn, reminisce, edit photos, and support our extended human family. The Underwater Photography Guide has teamed up with Bluewater Photo and Travel to present a special edition of our prestigious underwater photography competition - Ocean Art: Safe Under the Sea. The goal of this photo competition is to bring our global underwater photographic community together, provide an outlet for creative expression, and to raise money to help fight Covid-19 for the benefit of all.

Please support our sponsors - they are all small businesses that are trying really hard to support divers around the world! 

This Ocean Art competition will run in the same way as past contests. There have been a couple of minor changes from Ocean Art 2019. We have removed the Novice categories and replaced them with a single Shipwrecks category. Good Luck!

Ocean Art Safe Under the Sea will be open for entries from April 14th to June 30th, 2020!

The full Ocean Art 2020 Competition will be open later this year


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Ocean Art 2019 Underwater Photography Competition

Entries will be accepted from April 14th to June 30th, 2020 


Open to all photographers; Winners choose their own prizes!

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12 Categories

This isn't a normal Ocean Art Competition, so we decided to mix up the categories a bit!

Mirrorless camera technology advanced at lightspeed scince 2018 and many new systems are as good or better than DSLR's. Therefore we have merged our mirrorless categories into the "open" categories. We are excited to announce the continuation of our very successful Blackwater and Underwater Conservation categories. We are also introducing one new category - Shipwrecks. We can't wait to see what this amazing community of underwater photographers produces!



Marine Life Behavior


Cold Water



Underwater Conservation

Compact Wide-Angle

Compact Macro

Compact Behavior

Underwater Art



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