Honorable Mention Underwater Art Aîa Mar

Honorable Mention Underwater Art

Aîa Mar

"The Air of Jupiter"

Story of the Shot:  For a long time I dreamed of going to Jupiter. On the day of the expedition we traveled out to the site and I entered into another world. I take a deep breathe and experience no gravity as I submerge in the dense waters of Jupiter. We are freediving in the Gulf Stream of Florida and pre historic Bull sharks appear swimming gracefully around me. I become a spectator to their splendor. 400 million years of evolution, this top predator is essential to the health of marine ecosystems. Endangered; it struggles to survive mankind. In the era of extinction, encountering sharks are ethereal. We must protect nature from disappearing. With only ten percent of the ocean in our own planet explored, we know more about the surface of the moon than of the depth of our seas. While space travel is still in its pioneering stages we can be explorers of our Planet Earth and experience its beautiful ecosystems. 

Location: Jupiter, Florida. Gulf Stream

Equipment Used: Sony A7R II, Sony 16-35mm lens, Nauticam Housing



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