Honorable Mention Macro Ocean Art 2019 Yat Wai So

Honorable Mention Macro

Yat Wai So

"The Indian"


The Story:  The Peacock Mantis Shrimp was seen in Anilao and normally resides inside the small cave. Besides the strong claws, mantis shrimp also famous about its eyes which are believed to be the most complex visual system in the animal kingdom. It contains 16 photoreceptors which can see UV, visible light and even polarised light. In addition, each eye can be move independently by the stalks, this make the most challenge part of this photo by catching the moment of this beautiful creature looking at the camera with eyes contact. The black background was done using a snoot light to isolate the messy background. 

Location:  Anilao, Batangas, Philippines

Equipment Used:  Canon 5DSR Camera, Sea & Sea Housing, Canon 100mm Macro Lens, Ikelite DS-161 Strobe, Retra LSD Snoot

Camera Settings: 1/200 sec, F16, ISO 100


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