5th Place Novice Macro Ocean Art 2019 Kierstin Zetterberg

5th Place Novice Macro

Kierstin Zetterberg

"Chestnut Moray"


The Story: Back in Bonaire for the second time, we were able to finally dive Salt Pier. This photograph was taken was the second day we dove Salt Pier- so many little critters to see the first time we decided to go back the very next day. I was actually taking pictures of a very brazen Spotted Cleaner Shrimp when I saw something move in the periphery- I glanced to the left and this was the first time I had every seen this beautiful species of moray eel. Immediately, I turned my attention to the eel and was able to take a few shots before he disappeared back into the coral head. I used Lightroom to clean up the backscatter and make this amazing moray the star of the show.

Location:  Salt Pier - Kralendijk, Bonaire

Equipment Used:  Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II, Olympus 60mm Macro Lens, Olympus PT-EP14 Housing, Dual  Sea & Sea YS-D2J Strobes

Camera Settings: 1/200, F16, ISO 100


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