1st Place Novice Macro Ocean Art 2019 Julie Casey

1st Place Novice Macro

Jules Casey

Rising Star Photographer Award

Best of Show runner up

"Seahorse Bus"


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The Story:  I've been taking videos of baby seahorses for about 3 years but only recently changed over to still photography. I picked up a second hand TG4 early in 2019 & I've spent almost every day in the water with it since. 

Capturing 6 baby seahorses all facing in the same direction while sharing a piece of weed is an extremely challenging shot. These babies will often pull in different directions & face away from the camera. So I'm absolutely delighted to be able to share such a split second in time before this scene changed dramatically. 

Under Blairgowrie Marina has become a popular nursery for the birth of these baby Short Head Seahorses and also the Bigbelly Seahorses. I've seen as many as 20 babies sharing the same weed. You only have a short window of opportunity to capture this because their survival rate is so low. 

Location:  Blairgowrie marina. Victoria, Australia 

Equipment Used:  Olympus TG-4 Camera, Sea & Sea YS-03 Strobe

Camera Settings: 1/250, F6.3, ISO 200


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