1st Place Compact Macro Ocean Art 2019 Stan Chen

1st Place Compact Macro

Stan Chen

"Lemon Goby"


Stan won a 7 night dive package in Fiji with VoliVoli !


The Story: These Lemon Goby parents spawned their eggs on a glass fragment that caught my eyes. I decided to take shot to record this because it presented how fish can coexist with human garbage. The Lemon Goby parents were very shy and they kept moving around. So I held my breath carefully and waited about 40 minutes and finally, the goby parents gathered together and protected their eggs. I immediately took the shot and captured this unique picture.  It was an unforgettable moment for me to see how great the goby parents are to utilize human waste for their hatching eggs. And life continues....           

Location:  Lembeh, Indonesia

Equipment Used:  Sony RX100 IV Camera, Acquapazza Housing, Sea & Sea YS-D2 Strobe, Arch Torch D11V, Nauticam SMC-2 Diopter

Camera Settings: 1/250 sec, F11, ISO 250


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