1st Place Blackwater Ocean Art 2019 Fabien Michenet

1st Place Blackwater

Fabien Michenet

"Snaketooth Swallower"


Fabien won a trip to go cage diving with Great White Sharks aboard the new Socorro Vortex - sponsored by Pelagic Fleet!   


The Story: The observation of juvenile deepsea fish is possible during blackwater drift dives offshore as some species begin their life in the epipelagic zone (between the surface and 200m).

Finding and photographing these juveniles is certainly one of the most fascinating aspects of these dives above the deep sea bottom.

This individual is called a Snaketooth deepsea swallower (Champsodontidae -Kali macrodon). It lives its adult life posed on the deep sediment waiting for preys passing nearby. With a very large head and very develloped pelvic and pectoral fins, it has a very different morphology from the adult.

As soon as they are disturbed, these fish could tend to let themselves sink to the deep. Before taking the first shot of this beautifull juvenile, I took care to reduced the intensity of my focus lights and properly orient the flashes so as not to overexpose the shiny eyes and properly illuminate the fins.  

Location:  Tahiti Island, French Polynesia

Equipment Used:  Nikon D810 Camera, Nauticam NA-D810 Housing, Nauticam CMC Wet Lens, 

Camera Settings: 1/320, F20, ISO 64


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