4th Place Compact Wide Angle Ocean Art 2018 Danny Van Belle

4th Place Compact Behavior

Danny Van Belle

"Shell Feeding"



The Story: Taking pictures with a compact camera is always a huge challenge. I was looking for a real compact set-up without external flashes or lenses but able to make nice macro pictures. The only camera’s suitable are these where the lens of the camera isn’t coming out of the camera when you turn the camera on. This always causes a shadow part that is impossible to get lit out with the internal strobe even with a diffuser.

This picture was taken only the Nikon S series and the Sony T series did fulfill the requirements. One of the requirements also a focus distance of max a few centimeters. So this picture was very simply taken with a point and shoot at about 3 cm away from the subject.

The Nikon S3 is in the meantime an antique camera

Location:  Similan Islands, Thailand

Equipment Used:  Nikon S3 Camera, Nikon Housing


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