2nd Place Compact Behavior Ocean Art 2018 Miguel Ramirez

2nd Place Compact Behavior

Miguel Ramirez

St.Pierre, France



Miguel won 5 night dive package with paid companion


The Story: The scene takes place at night, in a natural pool near the sea, in snorkeling : following this common fish in Reunion island (it chases the night and hides under corals during the day), I had the chance to see a scene of life, rather unusual: hunting and ingestion of prey.

We can guess the big appetite of the soap fish, its prey being barely smaller than it ! Also, we can see his eye that fixes me, as if my presence disturbed him ! 

Location:  Grand Anse, Reunion island 

Equipment Used:  Olympus TG4 Camera, Torch

Settings: F4, 1/80 sec. ISO 200


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