Ocean Art 2020

Ocean Art Photo Competition 2019


Ocean Art Underwater Photo Competition 2019

Over $85,000 in prizes!


The Ocean Art 2019 winners have been announced! Check them out:



Ocean Art 2020 will be announced in early September, 2020....


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Ocean Art 2019 Underwater Photography Competition



Open to all photographers

Winners choose their own prizes*

*Nudibranch category winner awarded the Villa Markisa Resort Prize!

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16 Categories

This year we have made some very exciting category changes!

Mirrorless camera technology advanced at lightspeed in 2018 and many new systems are as good or better than DSLR's. Therefore we have merged our mirrorless categories into the "open" categories. This allowed for us to introduce four new and very promising categories - Novice Wide-Angle, Novice Macro, Blackwater, and Underwater Conservation. We can't wait to see what this amazing community of underwater photographers produces!



Marine Life Behavior


Cold Water




Novice Wide-Angle

Novice Macro


Underwater Conservation

Compact Wide-Angle

Compact Macro

Compact Behavior

Underwater Art



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