SoCal Shootout: Winners Announced

Winners were recently announced for Bluewater Photo's First Annual SoCal Shootout.
By Scott Gietler

2011 SoCal Shootout - Winners Announced

Bluewater Photo recently announced the winners from its inaugural event


Bluewater Photo is proud to announce the winners of the first annual SoCal Shootout.  There were many excellent entries in all categories, with photographers and videographers from Santa Barbara to San Diego. The SoCal Shootout was judged by some of the top professional underwater photographers in Southern California: Andy Sallmon (, Todd Winner (, Richard Salas (, and Mark Strickland (  


Congratulations to all the winners for showing what Southern California diving is all about!

Best of Shootout, Nayan Savla. "Having Fun"



1st place Wide-Angle, Michael Zeigler. "Rock Stars"



1st place Compact Macro, Eric Aubort. "Anemone closeup"


To see all of the winning images, please visit

List of all the winners

1st:  Michael Zeigler
2nd:  Nayan Savla
3rd:  Walt Conklin
HM:  Matthew Fischbach, Roeland Papen

1st:  Michael Zeigler
2nd:  Michael Samale
3rd:  Brian McHugh
HM:  Brian McHugh, Bill Van Antwerp

1st:  Nayan Savla
2nd:  Michael Zeigler
3rd:  Michael Zeigler
HM:  Brian McHugh, Walt Conklin

1st:  Brian McHugh
2nd:  Ron Watkins
3rd:  Michael Zeigler
HM:  Brian McHugh, Ron Watkins, Matthew Fischbach

Compact Wide-Angle
1st:  Brent Durand
2nd:  David Guth
3rd:  Cindy Shaw
HM:  Brent Durand, Steve Murvine

Compact Macro
1st:  Eric Aubort
2nd:  David Guth
3rd:  Nick Lawrence
HM:  Deanna Beck, Gerard Lorenzo

Compact Behavior
1st:  Eric Aubort
2nd:  David Guth
3rd:  Steve Murvine
HM:  Eric Aubort, Carolyn Wang

Compact Portrait
1st:  Eric Aubort
2nd:  Luz Martinez
3rd:  David Guth
HM:  Nirupam Nigam, Carolyn Wang

1st:  Walter Marti "Black sea Bass Shuffle"
2nd:  Xavier Michalet "Dance of the Torpedo Ray"
3rd:  Nannette Van Antwerp "Pulsating Nudibranch"
4th:  Roger Uzun "Feeding Black Sea Bass"

HM:  Roger Uzun "Dualing Sheephead"


Special thanks to the sponsors


Wakatobi Dive Resort

Wakatobi Dive Resort is an award-winning luxury eco dive resort in Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia, where you can enjoy a level of service, remoteness & tranquility rarely found anywhere on the planet.  Wakatobi is sponsoring a 5 day trip for a diver to visit (and photograph) an area that encompasses the highest coral reef biodiverity in the world.


Hans Christian Andersen Cruise

 A cruise on board the Hans Christian Andersen has all the makings of a fairytale come true.  HCA is sponsoring an 8-day / 7-night live-aboard in the Philippines will take their Northern Route, which visits the breathe-taking beauty of the limestone peaks of Northern Palawan, Apo Reef and Pandan Island, rich in both wide angle, macro photo opportunities and topside activities.


Marco Vincent Dive Resort

Marco Vincent Dive Resort is located in White Beach, a serene and beautiful cove found in Puerto Galera , Philippines.  Marco Vincent Resort is sponsoring an 8-day / 7-night stay will bring amazing Anilao diving at world-class locations like Puerto Galera, Verde Island, Maricaban Island and Sombrero Island offering macro and wide angle photo opportunities.


Maluku Divers

Maluku Divers is the only dedicated dive resort in Ambon, Indonesia, built specifically with divers in mind.  Maluku Divers is sponsoring a 1-week package that includes 18 dives and 7 nights shared accomodation, overlooking Ambon Bay and some of the most famous muck diving world-wide - a macro photographer's dream.


Manta Ray Bay & Yap Divers

Manta Ray Bay Resort is the premier dedicated dive resort on the island of Yap in Micronesia, designed by divers and built for divers, considered by many as "World Class Diving's Best Kept Secret".  Manta Ray Bay Resort is sponsoring a 7 night stay and 5 days of diving with Yap Divers on uncrowded reefs with manta rays, sharks, turtles, tropical fish and many more surprises.


Reef & Rainforest

Reef & Rainforest is an accredited US travel agency specialized in designing personalized itineraries to exotic destinations since 1995.  Reef & Rainforest's staff is experienced and passionate about diving - ready to help plan your next adventure.


Club Cantamar

Club Cantamar in La Paz, Baja is home to the largest, fastest and most comfortable fleet on the Pacific Coast of Mexico.  Club Cantamar is sponsoring a 7-day trip with 5 days of diving at Cantamar in the Sea of Cortez, with close access to three of the most beautiful islands in the gulf - San Jose, Espiritu Santo and Cerralvo, plus countless tiny islets that contrute to the area's well-earned dive reputation.


Hermosa Hotel

 The Hermosa Hotel is Catalina Island's friendly, economy hotel located in the heart of Avalon half block from the beach and a short, flat walk from the boat landing and the Casino Point Dive Park.  The Hermosa is sponsoring 8 free stays for various category winners, a 20% discount for all divers staying at the hotel during the shootout (Sept 16 & 17) and a 10% discount on any stay for every photographer registered in the Shootout.



The 112 foot luxury live-aboard SolmarV, offers divers adventures to the Socorro Islands, Sea of Cortez and Guadalupe Island with unmatched service and experience.  SolmarV is sponsoring a $1,000 coupon towards one of their trips with some of the best big animal diving on earth - giant mantas, numerous shark species, dolphins, whales and much more.




Light & Motion

 Light and Motion is the company behind the popular Sola dive and photo lights as well as several video housings and is sponsoring the Shootout with a Sola Photo 600 light.

Sea & Sea

Sea & Sea is one of the best-known names in underwater imaging equipment, offering high quality housings, strobes and more, and is sponsoring the Shootout with a YS-110a strobe.


Dyron specializes in high-quality underwater lenses and accessories for DSLR, compact and video shooters and is sponsoring the Shootout with a 20mm wide angle lens for 67mm port and a +7 diopter 77m macro lens.

Ultralight Control Systems

 Ultralight is the leading manufacturer of high-quality arms, trays and clamps that are built to last and is sponsoring the Shootout with 2 $100 gift certificates.

Big Blue Dive Lights

 Bigblue Dive Lights offers the most affordable and technologically advanced LED and HID lights on the market and is sponsoring the Shootout with an FF1x5 AFO light.


Ikelite has a long history of making strobes, dive lights and u/w housings with a reputation for excellent customer service and is sponsoring the Shootout with 3 flashlights.

Truth Aquatics

Truth Aquatics is an award-winning live-aboard dive fleet, offering unique dive experiences and other activities around the Channel Islands and is sponsoring the Shootout with 2 2-for-1 (1-day) boat coupons as well as a 25% discount on a 1-day trip for every photographer registered in the shootout (booked before September 16).

Princeton Tec

 Princeton Tec has a reputation for building professional and recreational light technology for over three decades and is sponsoring the Shootout with an Island Pack of 3 lights.

Cal Boat Diving (the Spectre Dive boat) has decades of experience running dive trips to the northern Channel Islands and is sponsoring the Shootout with 4 weekday trip certificates valid anytime (these are 3 dive days).

Peace Dive Boat

The Peace dive boat provides world-class dive experiences in the northern Channel Islands in comfort, convenience and safety and is sponsoring the Shootout with 2 2-for-1 (1-day) boat coupons.

Channel Islands Dive Adventures

 Channel Islands Dive Adventures organizes and plans guided dive trips on various boats in unique and interesting locations and is sponsoring the Shootout with 2 2-for-1 (1-day) boat coupons.

 The Giant Stride

The Giant Stride dive boat provides custom day or multi-day trips for small groups of divers including lobster hunting, wrecks, bluewater dives and more, and is sponsoring the Shootout with 2 2-for-1 (1-day) boat coupons.



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