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Dive Travel Tips

Etiquette on Liveaboards and at Resorts
 The Chef is Spitting in Your Soup Etiquette on liveaboards and at diving resorts By...
Beating Airline Baggage fees, part 2
Essential guide for underwater photographers, on beating the airline's bagage fees
Liveaboard or Resort Diving?
Liveaboard Diving vs. Resort Diving What’s better for underwater photography, land-base...
Baggage Fees
Baggage Fees for Underwater Photographers and Dive Travel A very brief history of airline bag...
Choosing a Dive Destination, Part 2
Ridlon shares his thoughts on how best to choose your next destination

Marine Life

Oceanic Whitetip Sharks; Predators on the Reef!
Caribbean Creature Feature for Novice & Experienced Shark Divers
Diving with Devils - Ultimate Guide to Manta Rays
Your Guide to Finding, Photographing and the Biology of Mantas
Caribbean Creature Feature: The Secretary Blenny
Get the Big Picture by Slowing Down and Seeing the Small Stuff
Tips to Capture Vibrant Manta Ray Photos
Underwater Photo Techniques for Giant Pacific Manta Rays
Nudibranch Self Defense in Action
Incredible Behavior Sequence of Fringehead Stung by Nudibranch Cerata
A Nudibranch Safari in Norway
Skinny Dipping with Nudi Beauties in Gulen - Photos, Camera Settings & more
Inside Look: Training Sharks to Eat Lionfish
Controlling Invasive Lionfish in the Caribbean - A New Meal for Sharks?
The Craziest Critters in Lembeh
Amazing Behavior Photos you Need to See
Ultimate Guide to Sea Turtle Photography
A Hawaii-Centric Guide to Sea Turtles, Where to Find Them, Photo Tips & Behaviors
10 Underwater Creature Facts You Don't Know
Fish that Farm, Sharks with Teeth on their Skin and more Amazing Facts!
Fascinating Creatures of the Pacific Northwest
Thriving Life, Surprising Behavior and Cold Water Creatures
Once in a Lifetime Humpback Whale Experience
A Mother Whale Teaches her Newborn the Basics of Being a Whale
5 Critters You Must See in the Indo-Pacific
The Most Exciting Subjects for Underwater Photographers in the Indo-Pacific
The Sand Dwelling Slugs of California
A Nudibranch Adventure Through the Desert Beyond California's Coastline
Diving Underwater With Manatees
A great guide for how, when, and where to photograph Manatees
Navigating the Kelp Forest Safely Underwater and
Tips and tricks on how to get some great shots in the maze that is the kelp forest.
Knowing your Subject: its Habits, Habitat and
How knowledge about your subject can increase your success rate with underwater photography
Photographing Manatees
Where to find these magnificent "gentle giants" and how to get the best possible photos of them
January Critter Season
While water temperatures may be cold, January is arguably the best time of year to find awesome underwater critter action.
Bartick's Critter Column: Reflecting on 2011
Mike Bartick looks back at his 2011 dive logs and reflects on great dives, unique critters, new behaviors captured, and more.
Bartick's Water Column: Mimic, Muck, & Beyond
This month Mike goes underwater in search of all things mimic and muck. Including Maluku frogfish, leaf scorpionfish, pipehorses, and more!
Bartick's Water Column: Searching for Rhinopias
A first person animal encounter write-up that will be updated each month, and includes amazing critters and underwater photography tips.
Indo-Pacific Critter Guide Gets Updated
The Ultimate Indo-Pacific critter list and online field guide just got better, with dozens of new entries.
ReefID: Share your Underwater Photography
ReefID: Share your Underwater Photography and Identify your Subjects A great new tool to enha...
Mouthbrooding Cardinalfish
Mouthbrooding Cardinalfish How to photograph mouthbrooding behavior Text and Photos by Vi...
Where and How to Photograph Basking Sharks
Basking Shark Photography Text and Underwater Photography by Kirk Mottershead    ...
Jellyfish Encounters
Jellyfish Encounters in California By Mike Bartick   SHARE THIS STORY ...
Harlequin Shrimp
Mark shares his experience photographing these gorgeous crustaceans

Marine Conservation

It is time to save some sharks
Want to know how you can make a difference? There is finally a way
Interview with Rene Umberger - Scuba Diver who was
Rene explains why she may have been attacked underwater by another diver
Get Involved: Protecting Our Ocean
Easy Ways You Can Help Protect the Oceans, the Planet and its Creatures Without Breaking A Sweat
Sipadan History and Upcoming Underwater Camera Ban
A brief history of Sipadan Island, the diving permit situation and upcoming underwater camera ban
Celebrating California's Underwater Parks
Southern California's new MPAs went into effect on January 1, 2012, increasing the number of Underwater Parks from thirteen to fifty.
Shark Angels - Making a Difference
Globally connected, Shark Angels around the world are changing the future for sharks.
Conservation: Restoring Orange County's Kelp
Kelp Forest Conservation: Get Inspired! Orange County Ocean Restoration Project By Nancy ...