Underwater Photography Articles

Marine Life

Fascinating Creatures of the Pacific Northwest
Thriving Life, Surprising Behavior and Cold Water Creatures
Once in a Lifetime Humpback Whale Experience
A Mother Whale Teaches her Newborn the Basics of Being a Whale
5 Critters You Must See in the Indo-Pacific
The Most Exciting Subjects for Underwater Photographers in the Indo-Pacific
The Sand Dwelling Slugs of California
A Nudibranch Adventure Through the Desert Beyond California's Coastline
Diving Underwater With Manatees
A great guide for how, when, and where to photograph Manatees
Navigating the Kelp Forest Safely Underwater and
Tips and tricks on how to get some great shots in the maze that is the kelp forest.
Knowing your Subject: its Habits, Habitat and
How knowledge about your subject can increase your success rate with underwater photography
Photographing Manatees
Where to find these magnificent "gentle giants" and how to get the best possible photos of them
January Critter Season
While water temperatures may be cold, January is arguably the best time of year to find awesome underwater critter action.
Bartick's Critter Column: Reflecting on 2011
Mike Bartick looks back at his 2011 dive logs and reflects on great dives, unique critters, new behaviors captured, and more.
Bartick's Water Column: Mimic, Muck, & Beyond
This month Mike goes underwater in search of all things mimic and muck. Including Maluku frogfish, leaf scorpionfish, pipehorses, and more!
Bartick's Water Column: Searching for Rhinopias
A first person animal encounter write-up that will be updated each month, and includes amazing critters and underwater photography tips.
Indo-Pacific Critter Guide Gets Updated
The Ultimate Indo-Pacific critter list and online field guide just got better, with dozens of new entries.
ReefID: Share your Underwater Photography
ReefID: Share your Underwater Photography and Identify your Subjects A great new tool to enha...
Mouthbrooding Cardinalfish
Mouthbrooding Cardinalfish How to photograph mouthbrooding behavior Text and Photos by Vi...
Where and How to Photograph Basking Sharks
Basking Shark Photography Text and Underwater Photography by Kirk Mottershead    ...
Jellyfish Encounters
Jellyfish Encounters in California By Mike Bartick   SHARE THIS STORY ...
Harlequin Shrimp
Mark shares his experience photographing these gorgeous crustaceans

Marine Conservation

Get Involved: Protecting Our Ocean
Easy Ways You Can Help Protect the Oceans, the Planet and its Creatures Without Breaking A Sweat
Sipadan History and Upcoming Underwater Camera Ban
A brief history of Sipadan Island, the diving permit situation and upcoming underwater camera ban
Celebrating California's Underwater Parks
Southern California's new MPAs went into effect on January 1, 2012, increasing the number of Underwater Parks from thirteen to fifty.
Shark Angels - Making a Difference
Globally connected, Shark Angels around the world are changing the future for sharks.
Conservation: Restoring Orange County's Kelp
Kelp Forest Conservation: Get Inspired! Orange County Ocean Restoration Project By Nancy ...
Bluefin Tuna - What You Can Do
Bluefin tuna are being hunted to extinction. Find out what you can do.

Dive Adventure

Diving into History: The Flooded Farms
Exploring a Flooded Valley, Farmhouse Ruins and an Underwater Forest in Norway
Diving Cozumel: A Photo Essay
Exploring Fabled Reefs & Visiting Resorts on Assignment for Bluewater Travel
Diving into Egyptian History: Cleopatra's Palace
The Rediscovery of Cleopatra’s Sunken Palace & Diving it Today
The Bali Muck Diving Experience
Macro Heaven with Unqiue Critters that should be on Every Underwater Photographer's List
Socorro Workshop Photos & Report
Incredible Photos: Sharks, Dolphins, Whales and Mantas!
Alor: Indonesia's Secret Gem
Epic Diving for Adventure Seekers
Inspiring Photos from the Sea of Cortez
Sea Lions, Whale Sharks, Seahorses & more from UWPG's Sea of Cortez Workshop!
Palau Workshop Report - Epic Diving!
UWPG's Recent Philippines & Palau Double Workshop was a Great Success - Read Why this Location Rocks
Philippines Diving Hot Spot: Moalboal
Exciting Photos & Best Dive Sites in one of the Philippines' first Hot Spots
A Guide to Mixing Business with (Scuba) Pleasure
World Class Wreck, Reef and Muck Diving on a Business Trip
Malpelo: A Must-Visit for Big Fish Photographers
Dive a Unique Eastern Pacific Island with Hammerheads, Mantas & Pelagics
Photographing the Wrecks of the St. Lawrence River
A Photo Essay on Diving & Shooting Amazing Freshwater Wrecks in Cold Canadian Waters
Sogod Bay: Dive Paradise off the Beaten Track
An Underwater Photo Adventure in Southern Leyte, Philippines,with some surprisingly good photo ops
The Best Kept Shark Diving Secret: Cuba
Incredible Shark Diving in Cuba's Jardines de la Reina - find out why divers are flocking there
An 8-Arm Camera Thief
Giant Pacific Octopus Steals Diver's dSLR rig - an UWPG exclusive!
Dive Adventure: Grand Cayman
I recently made my second visit to Grand Cayman, this time with camera in tow. Sponges, wrecks, & sting rays were the highlights.