Underwater Photography Articles


Keeping Your Digital Images Safe
Todd explains how to keep digital images and videos safe through backup hard drive storage.
Face-on Composition
Another great approach to your underwater composition. This is the first part in a series on underwater composition.
Guide to underwater video with the Canon 7D
Guide to shooting underwater video with the Canon 7D or Canon T2i including settings, focusing and white balance
Photographing Behavior Underwater
Learn some photo tips that can help you get some incredible underwater behavior photos on your next trip.
Using a Ring-Flash for Underwater Photography
Why Bill Van Antwerp uses a ring-flash for his underwater photography, and why you should consider it too.
Photographing Underwater Textures & Designs
Kevin Lee shares his amazing underwater images of the textures and designs created by Mother Nature.
Shore Diving with a dSLR
Michael Zeigler shares his technique and approach to shore diving with his dSLR.
Ultimate Guide to Canon 7D Underwater Settings
Todd Winner shares the best Canon 7D underwater settings, including F-stop, aperture, drive mode, focus mode, and more.
Compact Corner: Discovering Focus Check
A simple yet powerful tool for your underwater photography.
Introduction to Mirrorless Cameras for Underwater
Introduction to Mirrorless Cameras for Underwater Photography   A Focus on Micro Four T...
Supermacro with the new SubSee Diopter
Supermacro with the New SubSee Wet Diopter Tips on using a diopter, for compact and dSLR unde...
Batteries: Put to the Test
Batteries and Chargers Part II: Is Bigger Better? Determining the best batteries to use for y...
An Interview with Seacam Founder, Harald Hordosch
An Interview with SEACAM President Harald Hordosch By Scott Gietler     ...
Underwater Photography Tutorial - Canon G11, G12
Canon G11 & Canon G12 Underwater Photography Tutorial Text by Stanley Bysshe Photos by Sta...
Teleconverters for your Underwater Photography Using teleconverters for macro and supermacro ...
Shooter's Toolbox: Balanced Light
Balanced Light Underwater Photography Shooter's Toolbox Volume 3 Text and Photos by T...
Underwater Snoots
Underwater Snoots 101 Another way to approach your underwater photography By Scott Gietler w...
Stories from a Underwater photo workshop
Taking Dedicated Underwater Photography Workshop with Alex Mustard and Martin Edge
Slow Shutter Speeds in Underwater Photography
Slow Shutter Underwater Techniques Slow Shutter Speeds in Underwater Photography By ...
Batteries and Chargers
Batteries, Chargers and Testing for Underwater Photographers The importance of choosing the r...
Wide-Angle Strobe Exposures
Setting the correct strobe exposure when shooting wide-angle
Strobe Positioning
Underwater Strobe Positions Strobe positions for macro & wide-angle underwater photograph...
Underwater Photography Tips
Underwater Photography Tips Underwater Photography tips for Beginner and Advanced Photogra...
Underwater Strobes Features & comparison of strobes for compact & dSLR underwater ...
Best Lenses for Underwater Photography
Best Lenses for Underwater Photography A Comprehensive Review By Scott Gietler  &nb...


Optimizing Your Lightroom Workflow
Timesaving tips to process your images, including import settings, presets and findability
Using Dehaze in new Adobe Lightroom CC
Lightroom's new dehaze feature could mean big things for underwater photography - let's check it out
Lightroom for the Rest of Us
Scott's Easy Steps for Getting Photos Edited and Out There
How to Choose a Memory Card
Understanding Performance vs. Cost and What it Means for You
Creating Videos with GoPro Studio 2.0
Create a Video in 5 Minutes – Seriously…
5 Easy Steps To Process Your Underwater Photos
Processing your underwater photos properly is just as important as pressing the shutter button. Here are 5 easy ways to do just that.
Removing Backscatter in Photoshop
Tips on how to improve your underwater photography by removing backscatter and particles in Photoshop.
How to Register Your Images
Bonnie shares important information about how to protect your images by registering them with the Copyright Office.
Why You Should Register Your Images
In this third installment on Copyright, Bonnie explains why you should register your images with the Copyright Office.
Lessons on Copyright
Bonnie Pelnar shares important information about copyright, and what it means to you. This is the first part in a series.
Copyright, Trademark and Patent – The Difference
Bonnie Pelnar explains the difference between Copyright, Trademark and Patent in part 2 of a series
Lightroom 3 Adjustment Brush
Shooters Toolbox: Lightroom 3 Utilizing the adjustment brush Text and Photos by Todd Winner ...
Lightroom Overview - Who and Why you should use
Lightroom Overview Who and why you should use Lightroom By Todd Winner     &...
Lightroom Lens Correction
Todd shares how to utilize Lightrooms's lens correction feature

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