Underwater Photography Articles


Creating Videos with GoPro Studio 2.0
Create a Video in 5 Minutes – Seriously…
5 Easy Steps To Process Your Underwater Photos
Processing your underwater photos properly is just as important as pressing the shutter button. Here are 5 easy ways to do just that.
Removing Backscatter in Photoshop
Tips on how to improve your underwater photography by removing backscatter and particles in Photoshop.
How to Register Your Images
Bonnie shares important information about how to protect your images by registering them with the Copyright Office.
Why You Should Register Your Images
In this third installment on Copyright, Bonnie explains why you should register your images with the Copyright Office.
Lessons on Copyright
Bonnie Pelnar shares important information about copyright, and what it means to you. This is the first part in a series.
Copyright, Trademark and Patent – The Difference
Bonnie Pelnar explains the difference between Copyright, Trademark and Patent in part 2 of a series
Lightroom 3 Adjustment Brush
Shooters Toolbox: Lightroom 3 Utilizing the adjustment brush Text and Photos by Todd Winner ...
Lightroom Overview - Who and Why you should use
Lightroom Overview Who and why you should use Lightroom By Todd Winner     &...
Lightroom Lens Correction
Todd shares how to utilize Lightrooms's lens correction feature

Featured Artist

Diving the Oil Rigs: An Interview with Milton Love
Dr. Love Shares his Experiences Diving Oil Rigs in Manned Submersibles
Featured Artist: Steve Rosenberg
Seasoned professional underwater photographer, Steven Rosenberg, shares his knowledge, and the success of ReefID.org.
Featured Artist: Joshua Lambus
Scott interviews this month's featured artist to gain insight into his success as an underwater photographer.
Featured Artist: Brandi E. Irwin Ultraviolet light
Brandi Irwin gives us a peek into her world of underwater fluorescence photography.
Featured Artist: Cynthia Hankins
Underwater photo artist Cynthia Hankins tells how she started selling her photos as a business.

Photo Essay

Wall of Sharks, Thousands of Groupers & More in
A Photo Essay from Bluewater Photo's Fakarava & Rangiroa Workshop
Anilao in Photos - A Must-Visit Destination
Critters, Rare Sightings and Great Photos from the 4th Annual Bluewater Photo Workshop
Swimming with the Manatees in Crystal River
Nursing Calves, Intimate Portraits, Reflections and Crystal Clear Water!
California Squid Run: A Photo Essay
Walls of White Squid, Dashing to Attach to Mates and Massive Eggs Baskets in Southern California
10 Amazing Photos from Friends of the Guide
Underwater Photos you MUST SEE from Around the World this past Spring
Ten Amazing Photos from Friends of the Guide
10 Underwater Photos you MUST SEE from Around the World this past Winter
Photo Journey Through Southeast Sulawesi
Critters, Reefscapes & Diving on the Pelagian Yacht
Return to Tiger Beach
ReefID's Steve Rosenberg shares amazing photos from his recent return trip to Tiger Beach in the northern Bahamas.
Jim Lyle's Underwater Photo Adventure in Cozumel
The adventures of an underwater photographer at Scuba Club Cozumel, with many, many pictures!
Photo Essay: Port Hardy, British Columbia
Rand McMeins shares his underwater photos & tips from a recent trip to Port Hardy in British Columbia, Canada.
Underwater Photo Essay: Ambon, Indonesia
Underwater photographer Bill Van Antwerp shares his photos from the Maluku archipelago, Indonesia.
Anilao Photo Essay
Amazing underwater photography from Anilao.
Maldives Liveaboard Photo Essay
Maldives Liveaboard Underwater Photo Essay Photos by Lea Moser   SHARE THIS S...
Raja Ampat Dive Report
Beautiful Photoessay on the Macro and Fish life of Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Dive Travel Tips

Don't Melt Your Lens - Literally
From the Field: Photos of a Melted Lens & How to Avoid Frying Yours
Advance your Skills with Underwater Photography
Tips to Get the Most out of your Next Underwater Photography Workshop
The Packing Guide for Underwater Photographers
Strategies for Bringing All the Gear you Need and Avoiding Excess Fees
Must-Pack Items for your Underwater Photo Trip
Not your regular packing list - these are essentials you may need and others may not have
Top 5 Big Animal Encounters
An underwater photographer's guide to the best 5 big animal encounters
Our Favorite Dive Destinations, Part 1
An ongoing article list of our favorite places to dive
Underwater Photography On A Non-Diving Vacation
Don't leave your housing at home, take it with you and get some great shots on your next non-dive vacation!
Top 10 Tips for Dive Travel
Experienced traveler shares her most useful travel tips for divers and underwater photographers.
Packing Strategies for Traveling Photographers
Another approach to the challenge of packing your checked and carry-on camera gear for underwater photography.
Dive Travel: Making a List
Dive Travel: The Importance of a List Make sure you have everything for your next underwater ...
Is a liveboard right for you?
Liveaboards & Resorts for Underwater Photographers By Ridlon Kiphart   ...