Underwater Photography Articles


5 Tips for Awesome Over-Under Shots
Master Split-Shots with these Easy Techniques
The Breakdown on Back Button Focus
The Secret to Sharp Focus on Fast-Moving Subjects
How to Use the Zoom-Effect Underwater
Add some Speed and Action to your Images with a Creative Zoom-Effect
5 Tips for Underwater Photography at Night
Maximize Photo Opportunities on your Next Night Dive
Advanced Strobe Techniques - Backlighting
Make your subjects POP using Backlighting
Ten Amazing Photos You Can Take With A Fisheye
10 types of incredible photos you can take underwater with a fisheye lens - a must read
Underwater Composition: Fill the Frame
Part III in a great series of underwater composition tutorials
Workflow Basics in Adobe Lightroom
Optimizing Lightroom Workflow for Underwater Photographers
Olympus OM-D and PEN underwater settings
Best underwater settings for the Olympus OM-D and PEN mirrorless cameras for macro and wide-angle
Underwater Settings for the Sony RX 100
Suggested settings for a variety of underwater situations using the Sony RX100
10 Tips for Fun Beach Diving
Great tips to consider for shore diving and special considerations for your camera
Top 5 Settings To Improve Your Underwater Photos
From shooting manual to checking your histogram, thinking about these settings will dramatically improve your underwater photography.
Top 5 Tips for New Underwater Photographers
Improve your underwater photography by learning from these common mistakes made my new underwater photographers.
Top 5 Underwater Cameras for Christmas 2012
Our top 5 underwater camera recommendations that would make excellent Christmas gifts
Shooting Underwater with Big Cameras, Wide Lenses
Shooting Underwater with Big Cameras, Wide Lenses and Large, Powerful Strobes
Best Micro-four lenses for underwater photography
Scott takes you through the best micro-four thirds lenses for underwater photography
Top 10 Tips for Amazing Portraits
We share our top ten tips for capturing amazing underwater portraits.
Get a Handle on your Housing
UWPG editor Michael Zeigler shows you how he constructed his own rope lanyard for his underwater housing.
Photographing A Perfect Sunburst
Tips and techniques for how, when, and where to get the best possible sunburst shot underwater.
What I Learned On The Anilao Photo Workshop
The little things I learned in Anilao that made a big difference in my underwater photography.
From Compact To dSLR: Preparing For The Switch
An underwater photographer describes his evolution from shooting with compact to dSLR, with valuable tips and information
Learning Super Macro in Papua New Guinea
How I discovered a whole new side to underwater photography while shooting the tiny critters in the depths of Papua New Guinea.
Visualization to Realization
Improve your underwater photography through visualization and learning to be more proactive than reactive.
Underwater Pool Photography
Use pool photography to hone your underwater photography skills, experiment and be creative!
Wide-Angle Shots Underwater with Canon G12
Part II in a series about the Canon G12 compact camera: How to get a perfect wide-angle shot
Taking Macro Shots Underwater with the Canon G12
How to get a perfect macro shot using the Canon G12 compact camera
Diagonal Underwater Composition
This guide offers tips, tricks and instruction on how to take underwater photos with diagonal composition
Utilizing Instant Recall Modes on your dSLR
Awesome photographic opportunities sometimes present themselves unexpectedly. Best be prepared by using your Instant Recall Modes!
Keeping Your Digital Images Safe
Todd explains how to keep digital images and videos safe through backup hard drive storage.
Face-on Composition
Another great approach to your underwater composition. This is the first part in a series on underwater composition.
Guide to underwater video with the Canon 7D
Guide to shooting underwater video with the Canon 7D or Canon T2i including settings, focusing and white balance
Photographing Behavior Underwater
Learn some photo tips that can help you get some incredible underwater behavior photos on your next trip.
Using a Ring-Flash for Underwater Photography
Why Bill Van Antwerp uses a ring-flash for his underwater photography, and why you should consider it too.
Photographing Underwater Textures & Designs
Kevin Lee shares his amazing underwater images of the textures and designs created by Mother Nature.
Shore Diving with a dSLR
Michael Zeigler shares his technique and approach to shore diving with his dSLR.
Ultimate Guide to Canon 7D Underwater Settings
Todd Winner shares the best Canon 7D underwater settings, including F-stop, aperture, drive mode, focus mode, and more.
Compact Corner: Discovering Focus Check
A simple yet powerful tool for your underwater photography.
Introduction to Mirrorless Cameras for Underwater
Introduction to Mirrorless Cameras for Underwater Photography   A Focus on Micro Four T...
Supermacro with the new SubSee Diopter
Supermacro with the New SubSee Wet Diopter Tips on using a diopter, for compact and dSLR unde...
Batteries: Put to the Test
Batteries and Chargers Part II: Is Bigger Better? Determining the best batteries to use for y...