The Cove finally opens in Japan

By Scott Gietler

 Unbeliveable - "The Cove" finally opens in Japan - a stunning reversal

Film documenting the slaughter of Dolphins finally shows, a win for marine conservation

By Scott Gietler


"The Cove" - a documentary loved around the world by marine conservationists, underwater photographers, divers, and most of the rest of the world almost didn't play in Japan, the country that needed to see it the most.. until now.

"The Cove" documents a horrendous slaughter of dolphins, almost too sick to believe. The slaughter takes place in Taiji, Japan - a town on the southern coast of Japan, directly south of the tourist meccas of Kyoto and Nara. Dolphins are stabbed to death en mass by hunters using hooks, knives, and harpoons.


dolphin slaugher in japan

Dolphin slaughter in Japan. Photo: AFP/ Sea Shepherd Conservation Society


The movie finally opened in Japan on July 3rd 2010 and sold out in several small theaters. Small protests were held in many places, but luckily protesters were barred from watching it by police.

Last month the movie was supposed to open in Japan, but plans were canceled after protesters threatened extreme reactions. Luckily efforts to show the film continued, resulting in this success. 


Many protests in Japan about "The Cove"

Japanese protesters appear to think that the movie is simply bashing Japan, but other Japanese citizens want the information to be known so the Japanese people can have an informed debate about it.

A "fringe" nationalist group, the Society for the Restoration of Sovereignty, has led the voice against international criticism of the Japanese traditions of whaling and dolphin hunting. "The Cove" seems to be the focus of their efforts recently. They use bullying tactics in their protests, and according to the Cove facebook page they even bullied the mother of a Yokohoma theater owner.

Information on "The Cove"

"The Cove" won the 2009 Oscar for best documentary. Many, many thanks to everyone who helped make this film possible, including Jim Clark who helped finance the movie, director Louie Psihoyos, and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society for originally documenting the slaughter back in 2003. Thanks to Takeshi Kato, the CEO of theJapanese distributor of the Cove for speaking up in his home country, and putting up with protesters outside his home. 

I also want to thank Charles Hambleton, Mandy-Rae Cruickshank, and Kirk Krack for the important "special ops" work they did in Taiji to make the film possible, and everyone else who helped out with the film.

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How you can Help the Dolphins

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