Nauticam Announces New Housing for Canon Rebel T3i

Nauticam announces a new underwater housing, the NA-600D for the Canon Rebel T3i.
By Michael Zeigler

Nauticam Announces the NA-600D Underwater Housing

Underwater housing for the Canon 600D/T3i dSLR


Nauticam NA-600D Underwater Housing

Nauticam is proud to announce the arrival of the NA-600D housing for Canon 600D/T3i. The NA-600D builds on the success of the NA-550D housing with a new design that keeps the best of the 550D housing but adds new design elements to further enhance the functionality and ergonomics.  All controls are accessible with the housing, and the NA-600D is shipping today!

The NA-600D housing inherits the patented Nauticam port locking system, locking housing latches, comfortable rubberized handles, and innovative ergonomic access to key camera controls.  New features include a multifunction thumb lever for accessing Video Start/Stop and programmable AE Lock button, and control extensions moving all of the camera's controls within reach of the right and left handles.




New, easy to use locking latches eliminate the stainless steel latches used previously.  This new closure method reduces overall size and is easier to operate.  These locking latches are easy to close with minimal hand strength required, and protected from accidental opening by a locking detent.

A lens release button is offered as standard equipment, allowing lens changes while a zoom gear is attached without opening the housing back.





NA-600D housing is the smallest SLR housing in the Nauticam lineup, which should appeal to anyone concerned with the large size of some SLR housings. This housing can still accommodate the same accessories as all other Nauticam housings, allowing use of an extensive line of lenses, ports, port adapters, lens gears, and viewfinders.



Canon EOS Rebel T3i

The newest member of the Canon SLR lineup boasts an impressive number of advanced features at an entry-level price point. Depending on territory, this camera is known as the Canon Digital Rebel T3i (North America), or Canon EOS 600D (worldwide). The T3i features the same field-proven 18-megapixel sensor and 1080p HD video found in 7D, 60D, and 550D, and a new articulating screen makes high angle and low angle composition possible.


NA-600D Specifications

Depth Rating:  100m
Dimensions:  325mm (180 mm without handles) x 158mm x 120mm
Weight:  2.5kg

Standard Features

Patented Locking Port Release Lever
Sensitive Two Stage Shutter Release Lever
Optical Strobe Connectors
Rubberized Ergonomic Grips
Customizable Accessory Hole (allowing use of optional Nikonos, S6, or Ikelite Strobe Connectors and Hydrophone, Video Out, and Remote Control Connectors)
Embossed Control Function Labels
Quick Release Camera Mounting Shoe
Lens Release Button
Four Strobe & Accessory Base Mounting Locations
Complete Access to All Key Camera Controls
.66x Optical Pickup Finder (Enhanced 180¼ and 45¼ Viewfinders with External Diopter Adjustment Optional)
Audible & Visual Leak Alarm

USA Retail Price, $2400



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