Lytro's Light-Field Camera

By Michael Zeigler

The Lastest: Lytro's Light-Field Camera

Newest technology: Greatest photography-related development of all time?


Although not officially released to the general public, the internet is buzzing with excitment about Lytro's light-field camera announcement.  Basically, Lytro's camera will enable photographers (and potentially underwater photographers) to refocus their images after taking them!





The Camera

  • Lytro's cameras capture the light-field of an image.  Basically, the color, direction, and intensity of a scene using an array of lens and sensors.
  • This light-field capture allows users to shoot-first, add focus later!
  • Video with light-field capture is said to be possible, but will not be available in the first release.
  • The camera will be small enough to fit in a pocket.
  • The cost of the camera is predicted to be competitive with traditional consumer cameras.

Will this technology be applicable to those of us shooting underwater?  Only time will tell. 

Stay tuned for further developments!


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