Macro with a dome port

Underwater macro photography through a dome port


On my recent trip to dive Milford Sound, New Zealand and Adelaide, Australia I wanted to travel light. So in addition to cameras and lenses, I only brought my underwater camera housing, two underwater strobes and my compact dome port.


Even though it was mainly a hiking and wildlife trip with my wife, we did plan for a few dives, mainly to find the famous leafy sea dragon.


red crab in adelaide

Red crab, Edithburgh Jetty, Adelaide. D300 + Nikon 60mm lens, dome port. F20, 1/80th


I did want to take some underwater macro photos of Adelaide, so I decided to use my Nikon 60mm lens behind my dome port.


I was very pleased with the results. Also I lost 25% magnification that a flat port gives you due to the refractive index of water, I never missed the magnification. The colors of my underwater photos and sharpness were great. I also found the combination worked better for photographing fish since I could get closer to them. And finally, using a dome port is theoretically supposed to result in less chromatic aberration.


Next time you want to photograph fish and large nudibranchs, give your macro lens a try behind a dome port! 


Underwater macro photographs, behind a dome port

All photos are with the Nikon 60mm lens, Sea & Sea compact dome port

closeup of a featherduster worm

Featherduster worm closeup. F18, 1/80th


red nudibranch macro underwater photo

Nudibranch, F20, 1/250th


diver behind featheduster

Diver behind a featherduster worm. F9, 1/160th


underwater fish photography behind a dome port

Fish swimming past colorful jetty pilings. F8, 1/125th




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Great article. I'll

Great article. I'll definitely try this. Thanks!


Your very welcome Enje - Scott

Very informative, I am now,

Very informative, I am now, after the trip to Anilao, looking into an upgrade.


>> RSM - you're very welcome!