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Forum Rules & Useful info - please read

Not sure what your nudibranch is? Post it here for identification!

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Postby scottg » Mon May 24, 2010 7:45 pm

Welcome to the Underwater Photography Guide forums!

Forum Rules

a. If you have time, please introduce yourself in the introduction forums. I highly encourage you to add a signature and location (via the user control panel) so people know who you are.

b. There's a limit of 1 post per day in the photo show-off forums, but you can have multiple photos in 1 post

c. Please include camera, f-stop, shutter speed, lens, etc. with your photos

d. Spam is not tolerated here under any circumstance. Users posting spam will be warned and their post removed. Absolutely no commercial posts without prior permission.

How to stay logged on

a. Many people have had trouble staying logged on, and always have to log back in. If this is happening to you, try logging out completely and re-logging in on the main web site here, that should keep you logged on in between visits. After logging on to the main web site, return to the main forum page, and if you are not logged into the forums, hold down the shift key and click on your browser refresh button, after that it always shows me logged on.

Test this my closing your browser and bringing it back up. I did this test with Jan and it solved her problems, but when she brought her browser back up the first time, she had to do a shift-refresh with the browser once to show that she was logged in to the main website. After that, everything was good.

Useful Info

a. You can change your time zone in your user control panel; in fact - I highly recommend you click on the user control panel and fill in your profile, signature and board preferences (e.g. - contactable by email)

b. For your signature, click on "user control panel", "profile tab", "edit signature"

c. You can upload an avatar if you like, in your user control panel

d. Whenever I come to the forums, I click on "view new posts", it's quite useful.

e. Lots more info, such as how to automatically get emailed when people reply to a certain forum or topic, can be found in the faq. To get emailed, simply click on "notify me" at the bottom before submitting your post.

f. Getting notified of replies after you post, via email, is very useful. Simply click on the box "notify me of replies" before you submit any post.

g. The website is fastest in the google chrome browser for me, give chrome a try if you haven't yet.

Image Attachments

a. It's prefered that you host images on smugmug, flickr, photobucket, etc. and hot link the image using the Img button. However, we do support uploading an image directly as an attachment. Images are limited to 4 per post, 200K file size.

Thanks for joining and I hope you learn something and share some of your own knowledge here with other. That's all!

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