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Postby hayles91 » Thu Sep 13, 2012 5:29 am

Hi all

I'm a photographer in Buckinghamshire, UK. I've done a little underwater photography in recent years using just a little Olympus Mju 400 in U/W housing. I'm now taking up photography as a bit more of an earner after stopping work following maternity leave and have been asked by a local swimming club owner if I would be interested in working with them taking photos under & above water at their sessions - probably about 7 times a year.

I have a Nikon D90 and a few lenses (wide angle 12-24 f4 probably best / 60mm macro f2.8?) but as yet no housing / other equipment.

I'm just trying to work out if it's going to be worth the layout on housing / kit etc to say 'yes' to doing the job....

Can anyone help in telling me:
- is a D90 and one of those lenses suitable for underwater (swimming pool) photography?
- will I need an external strobe or is this not necessary for in an INDOOR pool?
- anything else I 'need' to get started? (I've got wetsuits, mask, weight belts etc)

thanks in advance - anything would be gratefully received and read as I'm just trying to work out if I can justify the expense and bite the bullet or just pass on this one
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