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lots of questions, hoping someone can chime in

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Postby JBen » Sun Jun 10, 2012 6:27 am

Im looking for a functional solution that will suit my needs. That being UW shots for recreational and Editorial (publishing), so IQ has to be there. More and more I'm being asked for UW stuff.

I do not want to go for housing for my DSLR (1D), and lenses, nor do I think I should be looking at a 5D. Normally when Im out shooting or on assignment Im already packing 40-80 pounds of gear, and do not want to add the bulk,weight and cost of such. I already need sherpas.

Two years ago, for fun, I picked up an s90 and Canons OEM housing. Its ok, does the job but if I really want to start producing more and better I believe I should add to, or address some deficiencies.

Types of shots using a broad brushstroke, would be split shots, and shallow water fully submersed. Likely rarely deeper than 5-10feet if ever, most often from 1 to 3 feet. I think I should address FoV, as often Im in close (under 5 feet) and clipping subjects.

I've considered and discarded EWA marine for my 1D and 16-35mm. Yeah would be nice with regards to size/weight and utilizing only when needed but does little about getting the flash off axis and backscatter.

Am leaning towards Ikelite and the WA20, however thats a wet lens, and my understanding is Id need to constantly mount/dismount each time the rig goes under the surface and back up until needed again? So am thinking a housing for the s90 that takes a dome that I can leave on and a strobe thats good to 5-10 feet?

Given, near as I can tell all this stuff would need to ordered, Im thinking Ikelites AF strobe so I have some control over power/exposure...I could use that for now with the Canon OEM housing (have an assignment in 3 weeks to the far north and will be traveling by float plane). Then try to isolate some good options and order in.......Perhaps Fix and a dome to compliment?


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Postby Zig » Mon Jun 11, 2012 3:51 pm

I would certainly recommend giving Scott Gietler at Bluewater Photo a call. Scott, who is also publisher of this site, owns Bluewater Photo (, and will be able to get you into a housing and strobe package that fits your budget and shooting needs.

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Postby bvanant » Wed Jun 13, 2012 4:25 pm

I think that if you are really after split shots, you will be majorly unhappy with any P&S solution. For good splits, you will need a BIG dome port, not a wet lens. You might look at the surf housings, they often are less $ than the ones that can go to 100 meters, but make sure you have one that will fit a BIG (8 inch or bigger) dome port.

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