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Best camera tray and strobe arm for compact ?

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Postby jacquesandrelandry » Thu Apr 12, 2012 8:36 am

Good day.

I just got a new strobe (S&S YS-110a) and wonder what is the best tray to attach it to my Panasonic housing (small ZS3). It came with a 10Bar 36cm flexible arm (a portion is rigid as a handle) with quick release and an aluminum tray.

I see many different options out there beside the flexible joint type, like rigid arms and clamps, some metal, some plastic.

In short, is the flexible joint type OK or should I look for something better ? Will it keep the strobe in position or will it get "loose" after a few dives ?

What do you prefer ?
Do you like what you have ?
Pros and cons ?

Jacques-André from Montreal, Canada
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Postby bvanant » Thu Apr 12, 2012 6:17 pm

If the strobe was the YS01 then I would say leave the flex-arm on the housing, but the YS110a is quite a big beast. I very much like the ULCS (ultralight) stuff for arms, trays, clamps etc. There stuff is indestructible and will last forever (some of my clamps are at least 20 years old); they are a bit pricey at first blush but well worth the money in my opinion.

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Postby jacquesandrelandry » Wed Apr 18, 2012 5:36 am

Thanks Bill for your advices.

The 10Bar flexible is quit sturdy from the look of it (like 33mm in diameter) and seems to hold the YS-110 solidly even in air. But I agree that with time it will get "looser" and wont be up to the task as there is no way to tighten the joints.

I'll start looking for used Ultralight gear to replace this for the strobe and could keep the flexible stuff for a focus light in the future, although the strobe does have a focus light.

About focus light : I see that some lighting techniques require the strobe to be aimed such that only the "side" of the light touch the subject so as not to light the water column in front of the lens. That would be when a separate focus light would be needed I guess as the one on the strobe would be pointing way behind the subject ?

I am new at this but know about "land based" photography, so some adaptation is required !

I took pictures of whales sharks and huge mantas in Australia with no strobe and got poor results. Without strobe they are big shadows in the photo and with the internal strobe they were again big shadows in what seem to be a snow storm ! Ya, I know, fish poop it was :? Looking forward to better results with a strobe !
Jacques-André from Montreal, Canada
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