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How to take photo's without post adjustments

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Postby ardy » Sun Oct 09, 2011 5:57 pm

Hi all I have just got back from a great tripto bali and as I am in the middle of image adjustments I wondered how I can make my images 'right' out of the box.

I use an E-520 Olympus DSLR, RAW and manual with dual strobes (Inon Z240 & SnS 110) in TTL or manual. I spend a large amount of time reviewing images and tweeking them. None of them are useable out of the box.

How do I take images that do not need post production work?
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Postby Zig » Fri Oct 14, 2011 9:48 am

I think most (if not all) underwater photos will need a bit of contrast and saturation adjustment, even if a slight amount. Besides that, I think getting a "usable" image right out of camera comes down to knowing which settings to use for the shot you're attempting to take. Composition and the settings for the shot are key. Practice, practice, practice. Be sure to read through the Underwater Photography Guide for guidance for all these aspects. A good place to start with your settings is here ---->

Using the right lens for the shot is key as well. This will allow you to compose the shot you're intending to take and will avoid post-production cropping.

I hope this helps.

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Postby mbattspot » Sun Oct 30, 2011 9:39 pm

If you want them right out of the box use a Nikonos and film, then have the photo developer make you a disc to put them on the computer. All digital photos especially in RAW have to be adjusted.
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