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Postby taucherchen » Sun Feb 27, 2011 2:26 am

Hi everybody, first of all thank you for this great website...

I am using the Canon G11 with the Canon Housing WPDC34. Now I just bought the Strobe Inon S2000 and I want to use it in Manual and AV-Mode, since I just started uw-photography.
As far as I acn see in the UW-Photography guide I will have to insert the magnet into the Strobe for Manual usage.

Does this have any influence on the AV-Mode, when shooting with s-TTL?
any comments to this and tips for the usage of the Inon are greatly appretiated... :)

thanks a lot

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Postby bvanant » Sun Feb 27, 2011 12:05 pm

As I understand it, in manual mode the G11 will not shoot TTL and there will be no pre-flash. That means you need to use the S2000 in manual mode with the magnet in. In AV mode, you can use TTL mode on the camera and on the S2000. You should run this with the magnet out. My vote would be to run everything manual, and play with Strobe power (you will get a feel for this quite quickly)

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Postby James » Sun Feb 27, 2011 1:27 pm

The magnet switch position tells the strobe whether or not to expect a pre-flash when set in Manual (and on the D series strobes when in External Auto). Important, the camera needs to have the flash set to Auto (vs Manual) which is default for Av and Tv modes, for sTTL to work in Av/Tv.

Magnet in--strobe expects NO pre-flash with camera in Manual/Av/Tv and strobe in Manual.

Magnet out--strobe expects pre-flash with camera in Av/Tv and strobe in Manual. Camera Manual mode with sTTL is not possible. S2000 strobe set in Manual. There is NEVER a pre-flash and camera auto flash control with the camera set in Manual so there is nothing to boot strap the S2000 sTTL circuitry if you follow.

However, in sTTL mode, the magnet switch position is irrelevant. In this mode the strobe knows to expect a pre-flash regardless of magnet position. This is an evolutionary holdover from earlier Inon strobes including the D series.

So, the answer is--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- you should install the magnet.

By doing so you can shoot Manual mode on camera (with by default manual camera flash) and shoot the S2000 in Manual mode.

As well, you can shoot sTTL in Av/Tv and Auto and Program (with default auto camera flash) with the S2000 selected to sTTL mode.

BTW, the G series cameras allow you to select in Av and Tv the camera strobe mode, either Auto or Manual. For your purposes leave this choice in default auto selection.

Program--always auto flash---S2000 in sTTL (magnet switch irrelevant)
Auto---always auto flash --- S2000 in sTTL (magnet switch irrelevant)
Av/Tv --- selectable auto (pre-flash) and manual (no pre-flash), default is auto --- S2000 in sTTL*********** (magnet switch irrelevant)
Manual --- never a pre-flash and always manual strobe --- S2000 in Manual (magnet switch installed)

********If you want to shoot Manual strobe flash with the S2000 with camera in Av/Tv and Manual camera flash selected you will need to install the magnet and select camera strobe to Manual.

BTW, the selection of Auto flash or Manual flash in Av/Tv modes in your G series is a sticky, it remains where you put it as you vary modes or even power on and off until you select it back to factory default which is Auto including the power level you chose, set it to the lowest output.

It is all in the instruction books. ;)

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Postby taucherchen » Mon Feb 28, 2011 11:01 am

Thank you for all the detailed answers on this topic. now I have a clue :)

I can't wait to try it under water...

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