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Presentation at Denver Aquarium

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Postby douglasjhoffman » Mon Feb 14, 2011 8:17 pm

Tomorrow I have the honor of doing the first ever presentation via Skype for the Colorado Underwater photography Society. The location is the Denver aquarium and while I wont be there in person it is an honor to present in such an incredible location.

The topics will include Fiji and Tonga. The presentation includes six music videos and slide shows to keep it interesting.

Fingers crossed all goes well, so I can do presentations for dive clubs around the world without having to leave my family each time. As a father that is priceless. I want to save my time away from home for diving and photography....[url]On Feb 11th, I have the honor of doing a presentation For CUPS at the Denver Aquarium.

Topics of discussion include Fiji's incredible reefs, Naia' live-aboard, and the Sharks of Pacific Harbor. Also included will be a segment on the whales of Tonga and how the whale swimming industry works.

Six music slide shows and videos have been incorporated into the program using a wide range of music that is hoped to resonate with the audience. ... fault.aspx
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