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Postby Bjorn » Wed Aug 25, 2010 6:20 am

Hi everyone,

I just started researching equipment for underwater photography after booking a holiday to Australia this christmas.

First of all I'll admit i'm into my photography as a serious hobby only, I've got a d90 with a variety of lenses and especially love wide angle photography, but as far as my compact go I'm on a smaller budget and I haven't got a diver's certificate yet. So these questions will mainly be in regards to snorkelling and shallow depth photography, at least for the time being.

I own a canon s90, which I find a fatasic little camera, and I've been reading up on all sorts of equipment. I more or less fell in love with the fix90 housing but considering the price and how often(read seldom) I would use it I can't really justify buying it. Thus I opted for the canon OEM housing over the Ikelite housing as I couldn't really find anything to convince me it was worth the 50% increase in price.

So... what I've come up with is this list of equiment that fits my budget while providing me with the basics for wide angle UW photography.

Canon oem house for s90 - WP-DC35 -

Inon UWL 28AD lens -

Inon 28AD mount base for canon -

Inon s-2000 strobe with kit fantasea- S rail + fantasea - flexarm 30 -

This way I can later upgrade and buy the dome for the uwl 100 when and if I feel I want/need it :D.

My question is if there is anything anyone could recommend that would complement/complete my setup?

is there anything I have left out?

Also I've seen alot of things about fibre optic cables but from what I gathered they're not compatible with all housings and camera setup?

Thanks very much for taking your time to answer


Bjorn :)

P.s. Sorry about the german language links, this is the place I intend to buy my gear from though as it's alot cheaper than anywhere I found in the UK! /edit
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Postby James » Wed Aug 25, 2010 8:25 am

The Inon lens mount/base, you purchased will come with the sockets to accept the Inon optical cables, yes, you will need to purchase one cable for each strobe. Yes, the optical cables work perfectly and you need it.

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