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My First Images!!!

Post your photos for critique or praise

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Postby Salil Sahani » Tue Feb 22, 2011 6:46 am

Hello Everyone,

Just back from the Andaman Islands

Tried out My Gear for the First Time

D300 In Ikelite Housing, Lenses 105 mm Macro and 10-24mm Nikon

Didnt Get Much Photos as I Was Rather Busy getting Used to the Gear and
Operating It Underwater But Here are a few that I did Get

All of them Have Been Edited In Photoshop and Have Cropped a Bit

Please Let Me Know What You think of Them and Your Opinion about them
and where I Need to Focus More On

_DSC9209 copy.jpg
1/125 - f/8.0 - ISO 160
(29.59 KiB) Not downloaded yet
_DSC9284 copy.jpg
1/320 - f/18 - ISO 160
(28.5 KiB) Not downloaded yet
_DSC9356 copy.jpg
1/320 - f/5.0 - ISO 160
(42.43 KiB) Not downloaded yet
Salil S Sahani
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Salil Sahani
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Postby Alessandro Pagano » Tue Feb 22, 2011 12:18 pm

Hello Salil, much better camera the D300, but it is necessary that you make slight adjustments to the present value of on-camera sharpness seems to me that you have set the standard value. In the various options on the Picture to find the function controls, entering the sub-menu you will find the sharpness control set to +2, you have to bring it to +7.
In this way, your pictures will be sharper.
The first image I like very much but suffers from a very low lighting, an increase of +1 / 2 ev.
In the second image is the same issue of lighting, with +1 / 2 v should go to the place. Wide in the last picture you focused on a subject in the center, not having the right proportions is lost. In this case closer to a recovery group of corals could have made better proportions than the rest. In this case the exposure is to be reduced to - 1 / 2 ev.

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Alessandro Pagano
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Postby Salil Sahani » Wed Feb 23, 2011 4:00 am

Thankyou Very Much Sir :)

Will Do So :)

Yes Sir Will Keep that In Mind when Taking Photos the Next time :)

Salil S Sahani
Wildlife Photographer Freelance
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Salil Sahani
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Postby smb2 » Thu Feb 24, 2011 9:00 pm

Hey Salil. Your system seems to be a great SLR start and as you have pointed out will take some time to learn. It takes a while just to get used to the set up, then usually nailing the focus and lighting, finally getting around to working on the composition. Take lots of shots on land so you really have a feel for what the camera can do.
I like the clown fish shot, the "mood" shadowy lighting is OK. But what detracts from the shot is the fact that the fish and it's eye are just not tack sharp. You should have no problem with practice getting that focus because the 105 is a great lens.
The wide angle shows good control of your flash as there is little if any back-scatter. I like that you are low and shooting up a bit. Now if you could get the Pakistani butterfly to dominate the frame that would be awesome. With the wide angle set up, if you think you are close, get closer. Review of the LCD would let you know to stalk the fish a little more.
Great start, hope to see more images soon.
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Postby Salil Sahani » Fri Feb 25, 2011 5:38 am

Thankyou Sir :)

Yes Will Be doing that Practicing On Land :)

Oh Ok :)

Well Sir there was Backscatter a littl Bit But I Removed it In Photoshop

The Visibility was not that Good for WA Photography so.........

Yes Thing is I Was Afraid I Might Bump Into the Rock Formations Ahead of Me as I Was Still Struggling with My Gear so Didnt want to take the Chance ...... :)

But Yes I Get Your Point :)

Yes Sir :)

Thankyou Very Much Sir :) Thankyou :)
Salil S Sahani
Wildlife Photographer Freelance
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Salil Sahani
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