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Postby smb2 » Sun Jun 27, 2010 9:53 am

Like a lot of people, I suspect, I rarely take time to shoot Super Macro. With a fairly new 105mm 2.8 micro VR I decided to try and get better at this challenging (for me anyway) technique. My dives are shallow as this is where the small critters are here in Curacao. Usually 20 feet or lees, my bottom time is generally almost two hours. This means I can sit a long time and wait on a shy fish etc.
These shots were taken two days ago with a Nikon D2x, 105mm VR micro lens and a Nikon +5 diopter filter attachment. Dual Inon Z220 strobes, all manual. WB cloudy, all ISO 100.
Today I am going to try a 1.4mm teleconverter and then maybe add the +5 diopter.

Any tips and critiques are indeed welcome. ... hotography
203 105mm 5+ 096wtmk.jpg
Juvenile Rock Beauty. Same settings. Cropped vertical.
(52.38 KiB) Not downloaded yet
203 105mm 5+  097wtmk.jpg
Juvenile Rock Beauty (3cms), just loosing its body spot (blue outline) in favor of the adult black saddle. Very shy and you first have to find one! Curiosity will get the best of them though.
f18, 1/250, strobes -1/2 stop. Slight crop to take out an extraneous fish.
203 105mm 5+ 095wtmk.jpg
Spinney Head Blenny. These are shy but will come out once you hang around a while (about 1 cm long.) f20, 1/250, strobes -2 stops
(54.4 KiB) Not downloaded yet
203 105mm 5+  094wtmk.jpg
Golden tail eel, yellow phase. f20, 1/250, strobes -3 stops. No crop
203 105mm 5+  098wtmk.jpg
A pair of Cleaner Gobies. f18 1/250, strobes -21/2 stops. No crop.
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Postby maggieD » Sun Jun 27, 2010 10:13 am

Nice images, thanks for sharing.
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Postby smb2 » Sun Jun 27, 2010 10:46 am

Not sure why two of the images didn't upload all the way.

Some would argue that the Rock Beauty shots are not super macro. But it is hard getting close to these little guys and they NEVER sit still. So any technique that allows you to almost fill the frame works for me.
It's also hard to get "artistic" with a fish that keeps moving and never strays near open water.
So you play with the strobes and take a lot of shots. ;)
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Postby scottg » Mon Jun 28, 2010 1:07 am

that Golden eel has some nice patterns, good job getting so close! But I wonder if you could get even closer to fill the frame?

good luck with the supermacro, finding good subjects is half the battle, don't forget to think about finding supermacro ops with common subjects -e.g. - sea fan or coral polyps

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