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White-spotted Puffer fish…Red Sea.

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Postby Blue Sea Diver » Fri May 21, 2010 5:26 am

White-spotted Puffer fish…Red Sea, Jeddah, S.A.
Want to know more about puffer fish click on the link below:
Canon G10, Canon WP-DC28 housing, f4.0 at 1/160 s, iso 100, flash off, aperture priority set.
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Postby scottg » Fri May 21, 2010 7:33 am

that's a nice size puffer. it was a good idea turning your flash off, with all of that reflective white sand! Did you custom white balance?

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Postby Blue Sea Diver » Fri May 21, 2010 8:29 am

I keep the white balance as is at default mode, or auto mode. Using CS4 I correct the Red color at image-adjustments-channel mixer- green & red sliders to the right, or either you can correct the Red color from image-adjustments-selective color…of course Red & Green again or white as well. There is a small tutorial in CS4, particularly in actions:
download the file (underwater.atn) ,now all you need is:
1-save the file (underwater.atn) in program files-adobeadobe photoshop cs4-presets-actions-
2- run CS4, open your underwater image.
3- click on actions-load actions- and select underwater, this will add underwater action as folder, click on it and click to colorcorrect_red and finally click on the play button.
4- You may still need to adjust 'Hue' slightly after it's run in order to blue the water. image->adjust->Hue/saturation. About -33 on the hue is ok.
These are some methods to correct the RED color underwater.
To download the underwater.atn file , click on the link below: ... id=1042430

Some u/w photographers' for still images add red color filter to balance the Red color and reduce the Blue water, rather using CS4 color correction. Lost colors in water first Red, Orange and Yellow as you go deeper only Blue and Green are left.
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